Top 5 Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

A wedding is the most awaited time of life for most of the people out there. Families and friends leave no stones unturned to make it the best day for the bride and the groom. Amidst the lingering scent of sweet flowers and tempting aroma of delicacies, the spirit of joy and celebration is in the air! But when it comes to a perfect wedding celebration, having the correct theme can make a whole lot of difference adding to the special day.

Theme weddings has been really popular these days but with so many options to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming sometimes. And that is why we are here with a list of top five wedding themes in India, to help you choose the perfect theme for your wedding!

1. The vintage wedding theme:

Vintage is back in fashion everywhere and the saying ‘old is gold’ proves that! The vintage era is huge to choose from as it has a lot of variety. From Mughal era to Victorian era, there are a lot of options available and one can choose from the time period that they think would go best! Usually, for this wedding theme, the decor consists of antique items used as props for centerpieces like jugs, cups, lanterns etc. The backdrop setting can have pale or subtle color theme. The seating can be made like old times so as to give the vintage vibe. Beautiful chandeliers, antique crystals, birdcage, candles etc can be used as decor. This theme has a lot of scopes and it can be customized after analyzing the choice and expectations of the couple.

2. Royal Wedding Theme:

Nothing can be more glamorous than a Royal Wedding ceremony. This wedding theme has been a dream for many people since a long time. This theme gives festive vibes due to its vibrant colors. With antique Chandelier, royal art pieces, fireworks this theme is a treat to the eyes. This sophisticated wedding is conducted in the royal era style. The decor consists of an interesting arrangement of Colors and classic fabrics used for decors. Usually, the royal wedding theme consists a combination of golden, red, pink and orange colors. This wedding will surely be one of a kind experience for the couples as well as the guests for a lifetime!

3.  Contemporary Wedding Theme:

A combination of color and elegance, contemporary wedding theme has always been high on demand for many people. With its westernized and modern charm, it comes with a perfect blend of royal yet subtle appeal. The use of golden yellow lights, colorful flowers, LED screen, lounges, cocktail bars and modern centerpieces as decor creates an amazing ambiance for the celebration. In this theme setting, the couple and the guests can interact in person rather than the usual formal interaction on stage. Delicious contemporary cuisine, savories and cocktail bars are arranged for the guests. This is the perfect choice of theme for someone who seeks a western charm to their wedding ceremony with elegance keeping their traditional values intact.

4. The Floral Wedding Theme:

Floral theme is one of the most unique and refreshing Wedding themes. The flowers can be used for decor on the entrance wall, ceiling, trees, poles, etc. Even though this theme can be expensive it is definitely worth it. The couple can stick to one or two flowers of single color or they can decide to have a variety of flowers of several colors for their wedding decor. The mandap or the stage, where the marriage takes place can also be decorated with flowers. The floral decor makes everything refreshing and serene adding to the extravagant ambiance. The splash of colors from the theme also makes it a romantic theme! Couples can customize the theme as per their choice of flowers or colors. A floral wedding is the best choice when it comes to a daytime wedding as the flowers go best with natural light making the overall event colorful and fresh with the sweet aroma of flowers everywhere!

5. Light Theme Wedding

As the name suggests, this theme revolves around lights. Colorful and vibrant lights are used to make the wedding a dazzling event. Lighting has the magical power to add a glamorous and romantic touch to the special day and set the perfect aura. Gorgeous lights that are decorated on trees and bushes, ceilings, walls, etc can add to the charm. The theme can be implemented in various ways. Some people go for subtle or pale colors; some go for bold Colors like blue and pink while some stick to the basic gold white lighting. A perfect illuminated light can set a great mood for the guest and make the big day a memorable one.

These were a list of top five wedding themes for 2018. If you need help in planning and executing these themes or you want to explore more options, reach out to, and let us help you pick and execute your dream wedding!

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