Who we are

Are you someone who has been dreaming about wedding days since childhood or is so passionate about the wedding day that you want to leave no stone unturned to make it a grand event? Well, then we are right here for you.  We are a group of qualified and experienced wedding industry veterans, giving you inventive and tailor-made arrangements that won’t let you break a sweat but instead bring you fun and happiness in a Larger than Life Experience.

From setting venue reservations to extravagant catering, thematic events, exquisite style, flower arrangements and trousseau, White Water helps you at each step of your event planning to suit what is perfect for you and give you a rich experience that you have never felt. It would be pretty tough to handle all by yourself, why not give us the responsibility of making your special day a glittering one that makes people keep talking about the event for a very longtime.

Our methodical way to deal with the work process, commitment to our clients, mastery in the field and supreme love for the profession makes us the favored choice for your extraordinary event. We specialize in making interesting, upscale and stylish occasions in the form of scintillating weddings for you and listen to what you actually need and blend it with our own ideas to give a perfect combination that you’ll never forget.

As they say, Weddings are made in heaven, which joins two individuals in a unique bond. It is a mystical event that holds the promise of a fresh start. We truly understand the importance of the event.

As an event planning firm, we give interesting touches to weddings, concentrating on executing your unique day down to all in detail. This implies we deal with giving you just the most appropriate venues and vendors as per your own particular spending plan and taste. We believe in working closely with you and your families to design a wedding that is interestingly yours and that is an impression of your tastes. This implies whether you settle on a small wedding or a fascinating wedding destination, we will make your big day very unique and interesting, which will be remembered for a longtime.

We enjoy the fact that we have been able to make amazing moments by mixing Indian tastes with contemporary touches. It just proves the saying that a wedding accompanies continuous days of planning.

With a big experience in Indian Wedding planning and a broad system of wedding vendors, we plan to make your big day to be cool and enjoyable for you as well as for your family. Aside from this, we are mostly at the lookout for lovely things for weddings in the form of decor, gifts, stationery, packaging and many more. We know how overpowering it can be to design a wedding, particularly an Indian wedding. With a lot to manage, thus numerous occasions to design, we have an essential checklist for your event. We’ve got it all to what it takes to make your wedding an Extra Special Day in your life.


We set ourselves high standards to accomplish flawlessness with attention regarding everything to deliver a great experience that will be captured with our top notch photographers and videographers to make sure you’re living a dream currently. Whether it is about weddings, birthday celebrations or get together, we have pretty unique styles to make it fun filled for you and most importantly of being a top notch event and that is what we aim to deliver to you.

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